Suburban Neon - the dream rock band
Mi az a dream rock?

What is dream rock? - we say

    With creating Dream Rock Suburban Neon had undertaken a task of utilising regular orchestration (i.e.: guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and vocals) in an extended and re-defined manner opening up brand new horizons in popular music. Wonted and set trends are broken or just as often substituted for an illusory airiness blurred by atmospheric elements creating an otherworldly mood. Basic ideas retained from more classical specimens of pop music and the melodic transparency of the individual pieces render this new style easily digestible.

    Dream Rock leads us to a world where music can embrace our lives, our being in its entirety. Music is plot, protagonist, environment, storyteller and the topic. In this dream world everything has a chance to happen, to sound or to come to our minds. As in dreams it is neither mundane logic nor rationality that is defining timeliness, thus within the boundaries of dream rock harmony and elementary probability can find dwelling at the same time.

    Within the ensemble everyone has a well-defined role: player of the deep and profound melodies, Bobby Radnóczi is responsible for the audience mood and cheer, whereas keyboard player, Greg Kárpáti conveys cosmic and oneiric effect. The Ideas and guitar art of Tamás Csaba, composer, constitute the bulk of the new style. They also summon the aid of modern technique to enrich the impact of the music using well-chosen sound effects. Percussion instruments not only set a firm base for the superstructure, but the technical knowledge and character of the drumming of Mark Bubnó draws our attention to the miracles of chaos. The Lyric Realm of Dani Nagy is providing an interpretation of the freedom of speech which is disjointed and liberal to the extremes of audacity; it often engages, besides current issues, in philosophical topics indeed. To enhance the dream-like state he uses an ornate dictum and the technique of consciously repelling cohesion.

    This new wave is attempting to escape from the tangible, specified music world to a universe where it projects the audience along the guidance of dreams, from euphony and through erotic fantasizing, beyond the gates of realization of our most vigorous desires. It touches upon the sphere of nightmares, as well as the endless maelstrom of lovelorn agonies, yet, not omitting the significance and spiritual necessity of dance.

    The music of Suburban Neon is to be considered the epicentre of dream rock, radiating fondling light and warmth, indeed, as a fireball, sometimes emitting blazing heat. It is invigorating, sudatory, enlightening and shadow-casting. It invokes and enchants the mind, had existed and will exist forever, the ancient fountain of dreams.

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